Working as an Intern for the Albinism in Africa Project

Posted by Rebecca Dacey, Lancaster University, 23rd May 2019

When I started to look for a placement as a requirement of one of my modules, I never expected to learn so much about a topic that is so important but talked about so little.

Working as an intern on the Albinism in Africa project has made me aware of the challenges and hardships that people living with albinism in Africa face. I did not know a lot about albinism before the placement and never realised that people living with albinism face so much stigma and danger. When I first learned about this, I was surprised that I had never known that people with albinism have to deal with physical effects (such as the danger of the sun and difficulties related to eyesight) and the responses of other people.

Part of my role was to write up news articles for the News page of the website. Whilst doing this, I was able to learn about International Albinism Awareness Day and many other events that were going on throughout Africa and worldwide to raise awareness and to celebrate the resilience and strength shown by people living with albinism.

I have learned a lot about albinism in Africa and it has been interesting and moving to learn about the strength and determination shown to protect the rights of people with albinism. I feel grateful to have been able to work with the project and have learned a lot about a very important issue that I was not aware of before.